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Settlers of the German Lutheran and Reformed faiths established the first congregation in 1748.  Meetings were held in their homes until a log church was built about 1748.  The exact location of the building  is unknown.  This church building was reportedly burned in 1755.

A log church was built in 1756 to replace the one burned in an attack during the French and Indian War.  A cornerstone inscribed "Sat. Paulus Kirche, 1756" was placed.  This church was located in the center area of St. Paul's Cemetery and Graveyard.

In 1803, 26 acres was purchased from the heirs of William Penn for use as a church/cemetery.  An increasing membership led to the building of a larger log church in 1722 and then a log and stone church in 1833 with balconies along 3 sides.

The present St. Paul's Schoolhouse was built in 1865.

In 1876 the current brick sanctuary building replaced the 1833 church.  It had a recessed pulpit and an end gallery balcony which was originally for the organ and  choir.  Dedication services and cornerstone placement were held on June 4, 1876.  One of the cornerstones placed that day was the "Sat. Paulus Kirche, 1756" stone from the 1756 church.

The first church bell was raised in the belfry on May 9, 1877.  It cracked in 1892, was recast and replaced.  Dedication services for the new bell were held on January 1, 1893.

Remodeling and refurbishing of the building was done in 1922.  New art glass windows were installed and the picture of the Good Shepard behind the altar was donated.  A new pipe organ (M.P. Moller Co.) was installed in the right front of the sanctuary.  The tall spire atop the steeple blew down during a wind storm in the spring of 1922.  A roof was built over the bell tower in its place.

In honor of the congregation's 200th anniversary (1948), the descendants of Cherryville resident Samuel Kress played an instrumental role in many renovation projects.  These included repairing the old cemetery, a new front entrance and steps with Mercer Moravian tile installed for decoration.  "Humility", a painting by Pietro Candido (Italy, 1586) was placed in the front of the church by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.  The painting was unveiled September 7, 1948.

The church celebrated the 100th anniversary of the current sanctuary on June 6, 1976 with a service and opening of the cornerstone placed on June 4, 1876.  Special events included a service in Pennsylvania German dialect.  The cornerstone was replaced July 4, 1976.

During 1998, the 250th anniversary of the congregation was celebrated with multiple events.  Included was an Old-time Reformed service, a special homecoming for former members and clergy, musical service featuring past and present choir members and instrumentalists and a a special church service the weekend of November 1.

Restoration of St. Paul's Cemetery and Graveyard began in the spring of 2003.  Over 1700 stones and 5 retaining walls were restored.  A rededication service was held July 2, 2007.

St. Paul's U.C.C. Indianland Burial Records

Below are records of burial sites at St. Paul's U.C.C. Indianland.  The first file is sorted alphabetically by name and the second file is sorted by location.  Once you open a file, you can press Ctrl + F to search the document for a specific name or word.

2014 Burial Directory Full Document ALPHABETICAL (pdf)


2014 Burial Directory Full Document LOCATION (pdf)